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About Us

About Ladies...Fashion UP: Dignity, honor, gentleness, and strength; these are virtues that define beauty.  Each of us dream as children, pursuing the development of some ideal within our minds that was often formed by a certain notion or person.  For me these dreams came from an ideal created by my mother.  An ideal I would later define as beauty.  Beauty can differ in definition depending on the country one resides.

We often consider one’s countenance, the shape of their nose, the color of their eyes, and in some regions the health of one’s hair.  My mother, however, defined beauty in a way that went beneath the surface and cut beyond the borders of culture.  It was not that she ever sat me down and discussed such topic with me that I can recall, but rather it was the great privilege I had witnessing her life and growing up in her presence.  It was in the moments of watching her live out life that impacted my development the most.  I clearly recall the beauty that glowed out of her as she cared for my siblings and me.

Some of my favorite memories are waking up to the smell of her cooking breakfast for the seven of us.  We would gather around and listen to her talk and admire the strength and dignity within her.  It is these smells and sounds, moments of inspiration, that often tug on my heart and mind as my imagination articulates the dreams of my business.  It is the beauty within my mother that she passed on to her children.  Each of us understanding that such virtues that develop true beauty can only be birthed out of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

     It is this definition that in 2018 would develop into a women’s apparel store, a purpose driven clothing business determined to reignite both purpose and this unique definition of beauty into the minds of women.  Because beauty goes beyond the clothes worn we have rethought fashion by infusing fashionable purchases with purpose.  Every single sale helps pay for the needs of a foster child at WellRoot Family Services.  This organization is local to our headquarters and serves hundreds of foster children in our community.  Your purchases will assist in funding things like dentist appointments, school supplies and other necessities that contribute to restoring hope and normalcy to the children’s lives.  Ladies, fashionUP by purchasing with purpose!  With us your fashion really can make a statement.

Our Slogan: Clothed in purpose for purpose

Mission Statement: Fashion with a statement! The purpose driven clothing line. fash·ion /ˈfaSHən/ verb to adorn oneself with dignity and slender and to clothe oneself with honor and majesty. For you have been fashioned together by the Creator and thoughtfully made; set apart for purpose. See Job 40:10, Psalm 119:73, and Jeremiah 1:5


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